Parking Lot Striping

Parking Lot Striping Professionals

Smith’s Sealcoating has an expert crew dedicated to parking lot striping and pavement markings for all our customers.


Our services include:

  • commercial striping for parking spaces
  • commercial striping for handicap parking spaces
  • reflective parking lot striping paint
  • safety crosswalks
  • traffic direction arrows
  • speed bumps & curb painting
  • bollards & signs
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Smiths Sealcoating and Paving provides expert striping to commercial parking lots

Our parking lot striping team also provides custom services. We can maximize the number of parking spots with custom layouts and identify and address safety concerns. Smiths Sealcoating also does basketball court striping, tennis court striping, and playground striping and marking.

The American with Disabilities Act has new rules for handicap parking space regulations, handicap van parking markings, and signage. Let us help you keep your parking lot ADA compliant and looking great each year. Restriping is a surprisingly affordable option to spruce up your parking lot.

Parking lot striping can often be done with minimal interruption. Paint dries quickly and can be done in cool weather temperatures so early Spring or late Fall are still times to get your parking lot looking great.

One feature customers appreciate is the addition of glass beads into the striping paint.  This adds a sparkling effect that makes a parking lot stand out.  The process of using glass beads in striping paint is not difficult and a quick upgrade option to your parking lot.

Additionally, Smiths Sealcoating and Striping can produce Custom Stencils for parking lot striping. Logos and custom directional arrows or crosswalk layouts are all items our crews have done in the past for clients who want to make their parking lot look top-notch.

Give the expert striping and paving team at Smith’s Sealcoating a call at 518-272-7283 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you right away. We’ll help you design the right pavement striping solutions to meet your needs.

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We can help optimize new parking lot layouts and identify and address safety concerns. Smiths Sealcoating also does courts and playgrounds.

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Seal Coating

Asphalt can easily get run down by water, ice, UV rays, traffic, and erosion. Sealcoating is the best investment to increase the life and appearance of your parking lot.

Smiths Sealcoating smooths your parking lot with pothole and parking lot repairs

Parking Lot Repairs

Damage affects the quality of the pavement, which is why it is important to stay on top of your repairs. Smiths can help you with sealing cracks, pot holes, and paving repairs.

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Pave Versus Seal

Let our experts assess your seal coating, paving or repair needs. We will provide you with a free estimate of your job.

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